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We provide product development for Food, Beverages and Dietary Supplements for domestic and all major international markets.

We set-up entire Quality Systems following cGMPs/FSMA compliance. 

 Bring your concept to us. Our team will make your dream come true.


Inovafirst Is a fully integrated truly innovative research, development, regulatory and quality system Company. Our Nutrition Scientist, Food Designers, Regulatory and Quality Experts are available to consult with you to support your vision. 

We can:
  • Develop Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO Food and Dietary Supplement Products
  • Do Dry, Frozen and Shelf-Stable Foods 
  • Powders, Beverages, Chews, Gums, High Protein Snacks and Bars
  • Create Sport and Performance Products
  • Put together Condition-Specific Products (Weight Management, Brain, Microbiome, Immune, CBD, etc.)
  • Formulate Tablets, Capsules and more
  • Develop Case Studies and ensure proper management
  • Bring innovative & competitive solutions without losing essential capabilities
  • Provide lower cost substitutes
  • Make your labels and claims compliant
  • Develop and Host your Quality System with access to specialists able to provide quick trustworthy responses to your requests 
  • Assist preparing and seating in government and third-party audits 
Inovafirst has the experience and know how to position your company
for growth within short time line.

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